Completion Date

1988 - Ruvane Building
1983 & 1985 - US Headquarters


Research Triangle Park, NC




200,000 sf - Ruvane Building
235,000 sf - US Headquarters


Rick Alexander and Associates, Inc.

US Headquarters Building
& Ruvane Building

O’Brien Atkins has worked with Glaxo from their initial decision to locate their US Headquarters in Research Triangle Park, NC, in the early 1980s through the current day.

First commissioned to design the U.S. Headquarters, O’Brien Atkins continued its design work with the Headquarters Expansion, and subsequently, the design of Administration Buildings I and II, now known as the Ruvane Building.¬†Associated parking decks, campus landscape site enhancements, a focal point plaza with a sculpture and subsequent site planning initiatives comprise a significant portion of the O’Brien Atkins’ Glaxo design portfolio.