Completion Date



Franklinton, NC




17,000 sf


Courtesy of Danis Construction

Novozymes Interior Renovations

Novozymes has undergone tremendous growth in the last decade and its Franklinton, NC, campus corporate office space reflects that with its current density. Initially retained in 2011 to conduct a Space Efficiency Study, O’Brien Atkins facilitated a process to help Novozymes identify its desired workplace strategy and to develop a Campus Space Standard for its workplace environment. Renovation, new space and other physical plant strategies were recommended for consideration to help accommodate projected future growth and ease the current space crunch.

After the Corporate Space Standard was adopted, O’Brien Atkins implemented interior renovation projects following the new Standard. Two of these were the second floor conversion of the Granulation Tower (Gran T) Building, which originally had served as laboratory and closed offices, and the Business Operations Building (BOB) first floor interior renovation.

O’Brien Atkins’ design for the Gran T  interior renovation project creates a modern, open office space complete with conference rooms, collaboration spaces and a breakroom. The occupied renovation was done in three phases to minimize disruption.

The Business Operations Building’s first floor interior refresh provides an entry lobby which is more inviting for visitors and staff, and has a product display exhibit.  The new design completely opens up the floor, transforming it into a common Conference Area Core which is flooded with natural daylight.  Used for formal and impromptu meetings, it, in essence, supports interdisciplinary spontaneous collaboration. The existing, monumental stairs have now become a focal point for informal gathering and spontaneous collaboration.