Completion Date



Raleigh, NC


State of North Carolina


172,000 sf

Associate Architect

Cambridge Seven Associates, Inc.


Images 1 – 3 Rick Alexander and Associates, Inc.


Images 4 – 6 Copyright The Loflin Group

North Carolina
Museum of History

Situated on the block between the State Capitol and the Legislative Office Building, the Museum includes 50,000 sf of exhibit space, as well as meeting space for public events, receptions, programs and seminars. A restaurant and large outdoor garden terrace are added features. The second and third floors open onto a lobby/atrium space, allowing light into offices and major circulation areas.

To generate interest, create excitement and put life into the idea of “history,” careful thought was given to the design of work areas and gallery space. Demonstration areas, a studio in which to design and produce exhibits, classrooms, an auditorium, a research library and conservation laboratories are also provided in this new facility.

The design for the 172,000 sf building respects the State’s most significant piece of architecture, the State Capitol. Its height does not surpass the Capitol’s dome, nor does it rival the Capitol in its exterior detailing and construction.