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Greensboro, NC


Center for Creative Leadership


36,000 sf


Copyright Joann Sieburg Baker

Center for Creative Leadership Addition

The Center, an independent institution devoted to the concept of creative leadership. It is a cross between a university business school, a research institute, and a clearinghouse for innovative ideas and techniques for creative leadership development and education. The Center conducts research into issues of leadership and development in complex organizations while at the same time offering training programs for managers and leaders.

This addition, which almost doubled the size of the Center, provided several behavioral laboratories, a multi-purpose training room, several faculty offices, and appropriate support spaces. Also included in the work were the expansion and renovation of the dining and kitchen facilities.

Since the behavioral laboratories and training room are not programmatically allowed to have natural light in them, the walls were constructed of stone matching that of the existing facility. To offer relief from these windowless spaces and to take advantage of a beautiful wooded site, break areas were provided in atrium like, glassed-in areas. The offices either wrap around the windowless spaces or are located in a wing that reaches into the woods between trees. This affords each office a view into the woods. Natural light is provided into each circulation space through clerestories.