O'brien Atkins

Project Management

O’Brien Atkins is very experienced in managing multidisciplinary design teams for a successful outcome.  Integrating in-house MEP engineering, Landscape Architecture/Planning and Interiors, with a tailored team of specialty consultant service partners, our project managers understand how to plan, organize and manage for our clients’ success.

Our project management approach is based on careful planning, scheduled monitoring, in-house coordination and progress meetings and design workshops. Our project execution plans define the fundamental, measurable attributes of each project: the client’s goals, project scope, site constraints and opportunities, preliminary project program, scope of professional services, process for delivery of professional services, project budget and the project schedule. Our monitoring procedures include weekly project meetings and monthly project performance reviews for all active projects. To ensure that our services will result in a project meeting its functional, aesthetic, cost, schedule and quality requirements, our process fully engages our clients in an orderly, interactive design process, structured as a series of design workshops. The design workshops are carefully scheduled, managed and documented, allowing our project managers to integrate the progress of our services with the decisions and actions that we require from our clients.