O'brien Atkins

Electrical Engineering

The O’Brien Atkins Electrical Department is committed to designing safe, efficient, and facilities-friendly electrical systems.  We take great pride in coordinating with both the project Architects and Mechanical Engineers, as well as other specialists, to provide our clients with a highly sustainable building that will meet or exceed model energy codes to the greatest extent possible.

Our distribution systems are designed to fully isolate HVAC, plug-equipment, and lighting loads for accurate metering and monitoring. We achieve this by designing the most energy efficient electrical systems possible coupled with low wattage, high performance lighting systems. Our engineering goals are to bring the greatest sustainability possible to the project and within our clients’ overall budget considerations.

• Power supply and distribution
• Duct Bank design
• Mission critical tier level design
• Pharmaceutical manufacturing design
• Clean laboratory design
• Existing Switchgear and Existing Switchboard condition analysis
• Fault Current Analysis and Arc Flash Analysis
• Electrical load studies
• Distribution orientation for maximum and accurate measurement and verification



• NEC 700, 701, 702 Generator source design
• Mission critical generator design and paralleled systems
• UPS System design, flywheel or battery source


• Grounding Systems
• Lightning Protection Systems
• Isolated ground and equipment bonding
• Telecommunications and IT grounding network

• Fire alarm system design
• Mass Notification Design
• Telecommunications and IT cabling design
• Telecommunications and IT MDF and IDF room design
• Paging Systems
• White noise and sound conditioning specifications

• Interior and Architectural Lighting
• Exterior area, façade, roadway, and signage lighting
• Dimming system design
• Daylighting, energy analysis, and control systems
• Photometric analysis